DEALER APPEARANCE PRODUCTS provides services to the automotive dealer and professional detailer


HYPE-AIR DEODORIZER Hype Air comes in several fragrances, Fresh and Clean, Mango, Baby Powder, Leather, Black Ice, Mountain Breeze, and Strawberry. Our deodorizer is made from oils which produce a long lasting fragrance throughout the vehicle. Hype Air can be diluted (1 pint makes 2.5 gallons) or used straight by applying a portion to a sponge or cotton ball and placed under the seat. Hype Air also can be added to interior shampoo's which will help in eliminating unpleasant odors.  1 Pint $16.00 IMAGE
TOTAL RELEASE Total Release is an aerosol bomb which is designed to release a pleasant scent along with a germicide to kill fowl odors and bacteria. To use Total Release  start vehicle, turn A/C on max recalculate place total release bomb into vehicle and set it off. Allow it to mist through entire vehicle for at least 30 minutes. This allows product to enter A/C duct system, headliner material and other fabrics. Clean residue from interior and you are done. Total Release  comes in New Car, Lemon, and Fresh Linen. 1 Can $6.00 na
BIO SHOCK Bio Shock is an enzyme liquid designed to kill odors and bacteria. 1 Gal. $10.95 na
CONDITION AIR Condition Air is a aerosol direct spray designed to eliminate odors to an affected area. It kills fowl odors, mold and musty smells at their source. Lightly spray effected area or mist over carpeted area. Condition air comes in a Fresh and Clean or Citrus fragrance.  1 Can $10.50 IMAGE

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