DEALER APPEARANCE PRODUCTS provides services to the automotive dealer and professional detailer


SCRAPERS Retractable scraper $2.50 IMAGE
Scraper long handle $4.25 IMAGE
Scraper long screwdriver handle $9.95 IMAGE
RAZOR BLADES Razor blades # 9 box of 100 $5.95 IMAGE
Razor blades #12 heavy gauge box of 100 $6.95  
CONTAINERS/TRIGGERS Spray bottles 32oz $.50 IMAGE
Trigger $1.00 IMAGE
Wax bottle 12oz $1.25 IMAGE
5 gal dispenser/mixing containers $18.00 IMAGE
WATER HOSE/NOZZLES Water hose 100ft heavy duty $37.50 na
Water Nozzle trigger style $12.95 IMAGE
Water nozzle twist style $6.50 na
AIR BLOW GUNS Pocket blow gun $6.25 IMAGE
11" blow gun $10.95 IMAGE
4" blow gun $9.50 IMAGE
SPONGES/CHAMOIS /WASH MITT Bug sponge mesh covered sponge $2.00 IMAGE
Scrub block non-scratch scrubber $4.25 IMAGE
Wax pad terry covered $1.25 IMAGE
Chamois large $18.50 IMAGE
Chamois Absorber $15.00 IMAGE
Wash mitt large $4.50 IMAGE
BUFFING PADS/TOOLS FOR BUFFER Velcro backing plate $17.95 IMAGE
Wool compound pad Velcro $8.50 IMAGE
Wool finish pad Velcro $9.95 IMAGE
Foam compound pad Velcro $12.45 IMAGE
Foam finish pad Velcro $11.75 IMAGE
High speed wool pad spur $6.50 IMAGE
High speed carpet brush $23.95 na
Orbital bonnet 11" $3.75 IMAGE
Orbital drive plate 15lb-18lb $21.00 IMAGE
Drill adaptor 3" Velcro backing plate $7.75 na
Wool 3" Velcro pad $2.75 na
Drill adaptor arbor for pinstripe eraser $4.50 na
Pinstripe eraser (requires arbor) $16.00 na
PROTECTIVE COVERING Paper floor mats plastic coated 500 pack $48.95 IMAGE
Adhesive plastic floor protector 300' 18"x21". Imprint "MUST BE REMOVED BY DEALER" $103.00 IMAGE
Adhesive plastic floor protector 200' 21"x24". Imprint "MUST BE REMOVED BY DEALER" $95.00 IMAGE
Plastic seat covers 125 pack $23.75 IMAGE

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